Bottle Cleaning Equipments

"Automatic Desiccant / Canister , Insertion Machine"
Is introduced by propack for inserting fixed number of Silica Gel Pouches / Canisters into the container. The silica gel pouches are used so as to remove any traces of water vapour present in the container. The counts of the pouches can be set by the counter on the panel. At the end of the track LED counter is given to control the numbers of pouches to be inserted into the container.
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  • Vibratory bowl is given for continuous flow of desiccant / Canister.
  • LED Sensors are provided for accurate filling of pouches
  • Pneumatic Indexing is provided to hold the containers while filling.
  • No bottle No fill mechanism .
  • Micro controller based electrical panel.
  • Easy change over from desiccant to canister filling.

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